Nancy March with blue shirt
“Nancy can hear my heart – especially when I cannot, and she gently helps me open to my own inner truth.” – Julia M.

Providing Intuitive Counseling, Spiritual Guidance & Animal Communication Services

Nancy is an intuitive guide who offers powerful insights and emotional healing to people in all stages of life. Regardless of what drives your need for guidance, Nancy can quickly see what is holding you back and help you move ahead on your soul journey. Working with Nancy will bring about life changing transformation, a stronger sense of inner peace and more clarity in all areas of your life.


Intuitive counseling helps you shift your perspective from “life is happening to me,” to “life is a reflection of what is happening inside of me.” As you embrace this truth, you gain access to the strength and answers that lie within and move to a place of greater freedom and confidence.


Animal Communication gives you a deeper understanding of your animal friends, the life you share together, and the issues you face. Knowing one another’s needs and feelings allows more clarity, love and harmony into your relationship with your animal.