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Can God Steer a Parked Car?

This question came to mind during a time in my life where the message was – be still, wait and act when guided. Although this was how I had generally lived (still do), it had been going on for a very long time and there were too many things that felt wrong (aka not how I wanted). I found myself having thoughts that I just had to take some kind of action., the Divine hadn’t “fixed” these things, I wasn’t feeling guided, so it must be up to me….

There are many times in our lives when we are being called to refrain from action and not do anything until we are inspired – guided from the heart instead of the mind that may have other ideas. I have found this to be one of the most universally difficult things for people to do. It goes against all we have known as our reality – that it is only up to us (our ego selves and rational mind) to be the sole director and power of our lives.

You may find yourself here if your efforts to do something keep being thwarted, or try as you might, you just can’t make up your mind and remain indecisive and uncertain. You are very possibly being held back for good reasons you can’t understand from the vantage point of the smaller self. The timing isn’t right yet for action or decision. Something inside or outside of you needs to change and you are being assisted to refrain from action until circumstances are lined up for your highest good.

The process of “active waiting” actually takes energy. And is not always easy. Trust an unseen Higher Power? Believe that you are connected to this power and being perfectly guided at all times? Embrace the idea that you are exactly where you should be and nothing is wrong?

Your life will fill in for you. You have a part of yourself that is powerful, knows all of your deepest heart desires and is connected to God/source energy. Sometimes, being a parked car is exactly what is necessary for your life to unfold in ways that are even better than you can imagine.

And remember to be compassionate with yourself as it is not always an easy job to be a parked car!

Posted by Nancy Marsh

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