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What If Coincidences Are Signs Of Grace?

Do you ever wonder if coincidences are “signs?” Perhaps you already know this and want to learn better how to recognize these signs of Grace in your daily life.

Grace can be thought of as energy that flows from the Divine. It is always flowing, in and around us, through all things. As we learn to trust our connection with these higher energies, we can feel more peace and ease knowing that our path is leading us to our highest good and deepest desires.

Signs of Grace are always present and available to every one of us. Habitually, we see with our human eyes and often do not use our “spirit eyes” that can distinguish these signs.

How Do You Recognize Signs of Grace?

  • First, recognize that there ARE signs of Grace. Life is really not haphazard, even though you may argue otherwise. Serendipity is really Divine Orchestration. The Universe/your life/soul/body is constantly speaking to you.
  • Most important is to look inside yourself. Turn up the volume on those times when you have a soft “sense” about something. Pay attention to those persistent “niggling” thoughts you have regarding a situation. These are signs.
  • Outward signs come in the most ordinary of ways. A song on the radio, a newspaper headline, a billboard or road sign. Traveling one day I passed a John Deere billboard that said, “Life Is Grand.” I had tears in my eyes at the time and I got the message.
  • A key is to be open to these things as signs so that you can consider what the guidance may be. God/divine source/soul speaks to you in ways you personally can hear.
  • Practice by playing a game of watching for signs. Be softly alert. You can ask for a sign related to a particular question you have. Acknowledge the signs when they come. The more you see them, the more they will seem to come.
  • Signs may be like the Hansel and Gretel and breadcrumbs story. They invite you to the next step, and then the next, without giving you the whole road map at once. The good news is you don’t need to know whole map. You are being guided.

Have fun with seeing the many ways signs of Grace come to you in your daily, everyday life!


Posted by Nancy Marsh

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