What Others Say

People are inspired to share their heartfelt experiences in their connection and work with Nancy.

“I always feel uplifted after talking with Nancy. Her intuitive guidance is a catalyst for helping me move forward with more confidence and ease – it is a Shower of Grace.”
Michele M – Sterling, MA
“Nancy’s clear and loving insights have assisted me on many levels resulting in deep healing. So many times she has quickly helped me to see the true root of a current dilemma and gently led me to see a path to healing and resolution.”
Wendy K – Farmington, CT
“Nancy, I wanted to thank you again for being there for me when my Daisy (my dog) was lost for almost a week. I couldn’t have done it without you. What you did for me was immeasurable”
Bonnie F – MI
“Last year when my Angel (cat) was very sick, Nancy comforted and guided me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me.”
Linda J – Newington, CT
“Nancy is able to touch your soul by bringing it forward for you to see and feel. She has taught me how to center myself and quiet my thoughts so that I am able to be in the moment and feel my emotions and acknowledge them for what they are.”
Julie S – Sun City Center, FLA
“Nancy -your insights are spot on and the way you present the information is both clear and compassionate. In addition to being an incredibly gifted intuitive, you weave a gentleness and kindness into your counseling that is deeply healing.”
Rain H – Asheville, NC
“Nancy is incredibly accurate in seeing the whole picture of you and guiding you to a higher level understanding of yourself so that you genuinely shift to feeling and being more of who you truly are. Her energy and strength hold me when I know that I need to be open to awareness but am too afraid to move there alone.”
Julia M – Lincoln, NE
“I have been working with Nancy learning and doing animal communications and shamanic journeying. Nancy has helped me grow in ways I have never thought of before. I can’t wait to do more work with Nancy!”
Jen V – Garden City, MI