Whitish brown dog kissing Nancy's nose
“Our relationship with the animals in our life not only touches our soul, it deepens our connection to our own inner source of divinity.” – Nancy Marsh

Animal Communication

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is the process of communicating with animals through the use of telepathy. Telepathic communication is communicating through the direct transmission (sending and receiving) of ideas, thoughts, feelings,
images, and sensations. All beings, human and non-human, communicate telepathically. People use it, often without knowing,- for example; the “vibes” you get from someone, “gut feelings” you have , or the times when you “have a hunch” about something.

An animal communicator uses telepathic communication to serve as an interpreter and two way translator between you and your animal companions. Nancy has refined her gifts and skills of telepathy, intuition, and counseling to assist
people and their animals to create harmony and deeper understanding in their relationship.

How a Consultation Can Be Helpful

  • Understand your animal’s perspective, get answers to questions
  • Address and resolve behavioral and emotional concerns
  • Receive support for physical injury or illness
  • Ease changes in the household, schedules, introducing a new animal
  • Assistance and comfort with end of life decisions and care
  • Grief resolution after the loss of your animal, communicate with them in spirit
  • Get support with a missing or lost animal
  • Explore the purpose of your journey together with your animal

Animal Communication Consultations

Consultations are conducted by phone/Skype. Nancy communicates with animals of all species, domestic and wild, and with animals who have passed on.

Animal Healing: Nancy offers distance healing energy work to promote your animal’s overall health and well being and support physical, emotional and behavioral healing. (This work complements other healing modalities and is not a substitute for veterinary medical care).

Missing or Lost Animal Consultations: Nancy responds to all emergency calls as quickly as possible. Lost or missing animal consultations usually require an initial 30 minute consultation with at least one 15 minute follow up session. The length of time of these appointments may vary depending upon your needs. Contact Nancy by both phone and email to assure quickest response.

“I always feel a deep sense of clarity and understanding of my animals after a consultation with you. You have a remarkable ability to listen, intuit, guide and support.” Rain H

How to Prepare for a Consultation

Since communication works using telepathy, it is not necessary for you to meet in person and your animal does not need to be physically present with you for the consultation to be effective. It is best to prepare your questions head of time. First time clients are encouraged to read Preparing for a Consultation before their appointment.

Learn Animal Communication

The ability to communicate telepathically is innate – we are born with it. It resides within each of us, waiting to be reawakened and rediscovered. Nancy offers opportunities to gently explore this natural ability for those who wish to learn more. She provides personal instruction for those wishing to learn basic animal communication, and mentoring and coaching for those who want to expand their skills and deepen their connections.

Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, view rates, or to pay for a consultation, please go to Schedule an Appointment page. Schedule an Appointment page. For questions or for more information, please Contact Nancy.

Emergency Appointments and Missing or Lost Animal consults welcomed.

Privacy Statement: All consultations are private and confidential. Nancy adheres to the highest standards of ethical practice of the healthcare and spiritual communities. She adheres to and supports the The Code of Ethics for Interspecies Communicators and encourages clients to read this before their first time consultation.