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Why Say Thank You To Your Animal

Do you tell your animal how much you love and appreciate them? I bet you do!

Do you ever say a simple, “Thank You,” to your animal, either out loud or telepathically? Perhaps not so much.

You may be more likely to find yourself saying things like “Good Girl or Good Boy.” That is great! It makes each of you feel good and is a lovely way to express your appreciation and gratitude. It is a natural reaction and we all do it.

So what about a simple “Thank You?”

There may be times when your animal responds correctly (aka in a way you are want) yet you take it for granted because it is the usual and expected response. Or the circumstances you are in do not allow you to praise them extensively, as you might during early stages of obedience training. What then?

I find that saying “Thank You” out loud, for even the simplest and most routine of things has made a difference for me. My thank yous are not to reinforce good animal behavior anymore, but are an expression of gratitude and respect. It elevates my respect for the animals and myself. It helps me feel humble and keep the human superiority complex at bay.

Everyone loves to be appreciated and that includes our animals as well as ourselves. A simple thank you goes a long way in expressing appreciation for both your animal and yourself. When you say, “Thank You,” you are honoring yourself as well as your animal companion.

Try having fun with idea of saying, “Thank You,” and see if you and your animals notice anything!

Posted by Nancy Marsh

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